Grünwalder Gesundheitsprodukte

Ginger is... Zintona

Pack size:

  • 10 capsules
    (PZN 3041933)
  • 20 capsules
    (PZN 3041956)
  • 50 capsules
    (PZN 4483917)

Only available through pharmacies



 ZINTONA® is a natural product with the beneficial effects of ginger - a remedy tried and tested for thousands of years.

ZINTONA® is produced using high quality pulverised ginger root, each capsule contains 250mg of this active substance.

ZINTONA® is used for travel sickness (especially effective for children) - to prevent dizziness, nausea and vomiting.

ZINTONA® – If used for the treatment of sickness or vomiting during pregnancy: as with all other medication taken during pregnancy, a doctor should first be consulted.

ZINTONA® acts within 30 minutes. In contrast to the majority of preparations used for travel sickness, there are no side effects such as dryness in the mouth, impaired perception and digestive disturbances.



ZINTONA® can be used for symptoms such as:

With this product, we aim to provide all those who suffer from these symptoms with a useful, high quality natural alternative that is free of side effects.

In course of their work, doctors, pharmacists and naturopaths are regularly confronted with symptoms such as dizziness, nausea and vomiting. We offer them a clinically-tested, safe, high quality, natural medicine which is an alternative to chemically based products: ZINTONA®