Grünwalder Gesundheitsprodukte

Grünwalder Trace Elements

Tailor-made, vital substances providing important enzyme cofactors

In keeping with official recommendations, the zinc salt has been optimised and the chrome content adjusted upwards. Also, in response to many requests, iodine has been removed from the list of ingredients.

One tablet provides the daily requirement of trace elements:


Grünwalder Trace Elements contains balanced proportions of micronutrients in a soluble form. As cofactors of important enzymes, they are involved in some of the body's essential metabolic processes.

Selenium improves the basal metabolic rate as a result of its involvement in thyroid hormone production, chrome is essential for processing sugars and fats (part of the so-called glucose tolerance factor). Zinc is present in over 300 different enzyme systems and thus involved in key areas such as protein and nucleic acid conversion, thyroid hormone and insulin.

These substances all have one thing in common: even in a balanced diet, sufficient quantities are not always available because either the element is rare (the soil in Europe contains relatively low levels of selenium compared to other areas so plants grown on it contain less of this element) or uptake by the body is compromised by other components of the diet.
The much-vaunted dietary supplements which contain every possible vitamin and mineral, usually in large quantities and varied mixtures, are not always taken up by the body as they compete for the relevant active sites.

Which people in particular need Grünwalder Trace Elements?

Recommended method of dosage:

Take one tablet daily one or two hours before a meal or before bed with a glass of water.


lactose, microcristalline cellulose, zinc gluconate, silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate, hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, natrium selenite, titanium dioxide, talc, chromium chloride.


30 coated tablets (one month's supply)

Recommended retail price:

9,95 €

Note: small dark specks under the coating are caused by the processing (tabletting) of the chrome salt and do not affect the quality of this product.