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Available pack sizes:

  • 50 tablets
    (PZN 4571260)
  • 100 tablets
    (PZN 7692805)
  • 200 tablets
    (PZN 4765171)

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Almost all diuretic medicines used to be taken in tea form with lots of water. In the case of cardiovascular disease, this is a highly unsuitable, contraindicated form of administration.

Modern pharmaceutical forms such as Asparagus-P® film tablets have successfully opened up new areas of use for diuretic herbal medicines as adjuvant treatments.

Asparagus-P® is an entirely herbal diuretic which can be taken even long-term with good results and no side effects. The increase in water excretion in the form of urine effectively reduces the burden on the body, the circulatory system and the heart.

Asparagus-P® does not have a negative effect on the metabolism of electrolytes, lipids or uric acid. This reduces the need for complex laboratory tests.

The active ingredient in asparagus - asparagose - is broken down into 93% fructose and only 7% glucose, making Asparagus-P® is also suitable for diabetics.

Asparagus-P® uses the unique combination of active substances found in asparagus and parsley, including asparagine, glycosides, calcium and phosphorus, a high potassium content and particularly high levels of vitamins A, B and C. Patients taking Asparagus-P® feel especially well, leading many health professionals to say Asparagus-P® has a vitalising effect.

Asparagus-P® contains a great number of so-called SH groups. In the body, these substances bind to harmful heavy metals such as cadmium and lead and turn them into a water soluble form which is then excreted in the urine. This represents another important contribution to revitalisation of the body.

Asparagus-P® has very low risk potential for side effects, in contrast to chemically synthetic diuretics. Therefore, in cases where the therapeutic effect is adequate, its use is generally preferable to chemically synthetic diuretics. Such products are advantageous in acute situations where water has to be flushed out of the body quickly The mild, gentle effect of the herbal diuretic Asparagus-P® is the better choice for long-term therapy or frequent use.

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